Straps by extensive forests, welcomes guests with lush nature and magnificent lake. Is also at the forefront of the natural beauty of the region, it led to the development of sports in the facility. Trails with difficulty levels has allowed for the development of the trekking.

Village of Burns is the best place to be .. It has many trekking trails. Guests make the choice according to the degree of difficulty and would have taken the first steps to a fabulous experience.

  • Trekking Trail in Sapanca

Sapanca trekking trails, is one of the places that attracts attention with colorful forest. The three most popular of the lot with different trekking routes to burn the village ... is shifting difficulty levels separated by only three routes starting from the same point. Before walking should not neglect to make various preparations and çıkmalısnız the way of taking your stuff.

Sapanca optional tours usually performed in groups organized with the organization of the hotel can also be performed individually. Due to the difficult tracks and with literally due to go into battle with nature guides and instructors are advised to do. You also hit the road to take with you your walking equipment you need to do if you want to try this difficult sport.

  • Requirements for trekking

With natural trails for trekking, spectacular scenery, passing through forests of color should be selected.
Accessories such as sports shoes or boots should be preferred.
Tour organizers must have the advice or prepare yourself the backpack.
Directory or navigation should be leaders with the knowledge or experience.

  • Trekking in Sapanca where it is made?

Mekece-Kemaliye-Strawberry-Inonu Plateau "19 km", Inonu Yaylası- Strawberry-Bakacak-old Highland Trail Road-Kırca Plateau "22 km"

Karasu River Village-Kuyumcul of-Mine-syrup-Çıralıdüz of-mine following the Spring Creek Gölkent Water Intake Facility. "19 km"

Dogancay-Maksudi to-Qamishli-Kulfal and "23 km"

Geyve State Road-Akcay-Fevziye-İlimbey-Balkaya-Güldibi-Sapanca "15 km"

Aksu bridge - South-Yeniyayl to-Medium-Goksu Aksu Quarter Quarter-horizon "14 km" Doğantepe-Bağcağız-Protect-Belpınar of-Hamzapınar the "22 km"