Villa Kırkpınar - Sapanca

Villa Kırkpınar - Sapanca
Contact: Janset Hanım
Address: Yeşil Meydan, 54600 Kırkpınar, Sapanca, Sakarya /Türkiye , 54600 Sapanca

Villa Kırkpınar - Sapanca 4.5 5 0

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Type: Apart

Comfortable accommodations in nature in Sapanca

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Villa Kırkpınar Aparts as we Samanli Mountains foothills, Sapanca 4 km from the Sapanca Lake, only family you with the perfect blend of blue and green in our homes located 5 minutes away and your loved ones with lots of oxygen, free and peaceful We promise-filled holiday. .All needs were considered. You just pick up your luggage; It awaits you away from the chaos and everything is ready for a quiet holiday town. We are here for your pleasure with all our team and look forward to this dream you taste in your house for the holidays Sapanca. Why Holiday Villas? Villa holidays you from coldness of big hotels and rescued insincerity, loved ones and allows to spend together enjoyable time .., Sapanca finding health with the oxygen-rich air, but also can make great meals in your own kitchen with fresh and natural products or your loved ones can enjoy a barbecue in. Villa holidays gives you flexibility. You can allow the trees on your terrace and accompanied by flowers up now for your children while you enjoy your morning coffee or watch the early risers to enjoy the pools. Do not miss the breakfast hour as the hotel would not have to worry. Without eating anything you want to say what you want your life that day if you will be cooking it in your own kitchen. Holiday villa is ideal for families. Ranged from Vila our capacity 8-11 people, it is an advantage for large families .. We as Villa Kırkpınar you, cleaning done professionally our crews, hotels as well as a pleasant holiday in our villas in comfort, we offer oxygen therapy full of Sapanca's natural beauty. We are waiting for you at your home in Sapanca for this wonderful holiday

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