Sapanca with spectacular lake views and natural beauty, is a resort where you can go to the Four Seasons. Things to do, there are a lot of activities to do. Sapancay to explore with weekend and day trips for those who want to see the natural beauty will be a different experience. Located at an altitude of 33 meters above sea level and 16 km long Lake Sapanca having the most famous place in the area, though there are many places where you can see over here. Sapancad to "Canoeing, Trekking, ATV Safari Camp" is available in different activities.

Local attractions are in Sapaca

Sapanca Lake

Sapanca Lake is the most important place in the district. 16 km long around the lake, which is surrounded by high hills and forests. Walk and bike ride around quite enjoyable. In restaurants you can taste the trout flavor coastline.


Kırkpınar where the most famous sights of the area you will be greeted by a lush nature. You will meet a different culture Kırkpınar the Circassian people is located. The hotel has accommodation for all seasons. Bitanem of the must-see place.


Maşukiye awaits its guests with a wonderful nature. City to escape the noise from the crowd is the ideal place from which you can eat trout in the trout Maşukiye restaurants and you can take long walks.


Kocaeli, though you should not be connected with nature can visit the village of Derbent intertwined. Stallion Creek's convenient to walking trails around the creek. Write a swim in the creek.


The region is lush nature sahiph are fabulous places for camping and picnics. Camps and places for picnics; Katıröz of - Soğucak - Sultanpur - blinking when - Kırca - Floral - Hamzapın is - Belenger Up - Güzlek - Inonu

Rustempasa Mosque

In 1555 the mosque was built by Rustem Pasa open for worship.

Sarcophagus of Byzantine Period

Government exhibited in front of the mansion four sarcophagi of the two near the village of Scientific in 1976, were the other two are under construction in 1987 of the motorway.

Vecihi Gate

Elder is rumored Although there is no precise information is located on the Silk Road and Mimar Sinan's work, which passed the Silk Road from where the belt

Rahim Sultan Mosque

It was built in 1892 for his wife Abdulmecit. It is one of the most important monuments in the region.

Kuzuluk Springs

Springs used in the treatment of arthritic disorders of different problems as heart disease


Kartepe slopes, one of the most well-known after Uludag winter routes are covered with lush trees.