The boat moving at 30 km speed leaves two waves behind; these waves are called "wake" the wakeboarder uses them as ramps and jumps over them. The most im-portant feature of wakeboard is that it allows for infinite means of acrobatic movement. Of course, beginners can neglect these waves and can go silently,

Wakeboard is a very enjoyable and it can be developed; it is not surpising that the interest in this sport is increasing in Turkey and in the world.

In wakeboard your style of tying your feet to the board, namely your angles are very impotant. People from different levels shall tie their feet differently.

Sapanca Wakeboard

It is wakeboard time for everyone who wish to refresh and have high adrenaline! You will jump over the waves with a board on your foot and will enjoy competing with the crazy wind.

Enjoy jumping over the waves and refresh with wakeboard under the hot weather of the summer in Sapanca! You will enjoy a lot with high adrenaline! Sapanca Lake is pretty close, do not miss this opportunity!