Canoeing; The volume of the lake and the water is held in very high non-water sports.

Sapanca trails this sport is very convenient. Sapanca with its technical features, this sport is considered to be one of the areas most enjoyable to do.

Natural beauty, with year-round lake with lush landscapes and natural beauty, many people are accommodated. Particularly those who do sports as a lifestyle, you may prefer. Compliance with the canoeing place makes this region may be preferred.

Many facilities on the edge of Lake Sapanca, canoeing preparations and creating areas suitable for learning. If you wish here, accompanied by trainers for hire models can use your own. Canoeing course fees vary according to the course and time. Sapanca Lake, depth, water level and other features, as well as prone to this sport allows you to have a good time and holidays

How to Canoe?
Boats made of tree trunks carved with single, double and more people. Both powers are developing quite well, as well as the spirit of being a team sport based on technique.

What kinds canoe?
Use a shovel to athletes in the canoe kind of simple structure. This aspect of the export operation takes place and quickly advances through rowing on the water. Before starting to play sports athletes wear a swimming vest and helmet wear.

Professional canoe trips are single and are used today. The high volume of water in rivers are the place of use. 16 kg in weight, 5.2 meters long, 75 cm wide models are also "Indians" is associated with the name. The two-seater is 20 kg. 6.5 meters in length and 75 cm in width can act quickly on the water.

The sporty types have very different properties. Marathon mainly flat water, slalom, polo, free / Rodeo and a dragon gibikano varieties. Whichever you prefer, you should note that you need to do. Firstly, it is necessary to take precautions against injury. Also be sure to wear your life jacket, they should refrain from any action that will disrupt the balance, overload and technological devices should not be moved.

Whilst these canoes Attention!
Water must be clean.

You should receive an education at least 1 hour.

If you are not professionals prefer stagnant water or low-flowing waters.

First, try to get the lake or stream in the wind.

Be careful not to exceed 1 meter of water depth.

Check your helmet and life vest.