To enjoy the magnificent nature of Sapanca camp to prepare an enabling environment çıkarın.yemyeşil geography activity. Scout groups, these areas are of interest to the university community and foreign tourists are more interested to see every day. Due to its proximity to cities such as Istanbul and Ankara in particular attracts the attention of the natural community. While camping in Sapanca canoeing, surfing, will be able to perform other activities such as trekking.

  • Provincial Forest Campground

Adapazarı facilities built in 1983 and located in Sapanca. Protected areas, groups and organizations is also home to stay. Sapanca Lake in the area with views of hiking, safaris, carried out many activities such as photography.

  • SEKA Campground

Located near the village burns SEKA, Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality depends. Vacationers can easily reach the area where the lush trees of heaven coast, can catch fish. It may also be utilized in the playground in the area.

  • Sogucak Plateau

1100 m high plateau that is suitable for any campground. Usually ideal spring-summer months. There are 900 different tree species turning up in a highland terrain. 17 km from the Sapanca Soğucak able to reach a 35-minute journey. Private boats may be in the bag for vacationers wildlife, walking sticks, sleeping bags and mats are finding benefits.

  • Cigdem Plateau

Cigdem Plateau is located in the township ditch, it has been chosen as one of Turkey's most beautiful 10 springs. Festivals held each year in July passed with pleasant to spend time. Striking architecture with local houses, fields of grass, gently sloping area of ​​difference adds. Spring crocus in the spring months of experiencing joy attention must be paid to the bushes and thorns.

  • Karagol Plateau

Surrounded by pine, beech, fir and oak trees covered with Karagol Plateau, it has a width of 567 hectares. In the second half of April, where the cold drinking water will have a spectacular view. Friday and Sunday, the festival committee are made. Because Samanli Mountains extension has immaculate atmosphere.